Premiären på Michael Lindsay-Hoggs originalfilm från 1970 med The Beatles närmar sig

Originalfilmen har med största noggrannhet restaurerats av Peter Jacksons personal på Park Road Post Production för exklusiv visning på Disney+  den 8 maj 2024.

Filmen visas nu för första gången på över 50 år.

OBS!! Du som är medlem men inte anmält dig till visningen den 7 maj på biografen Capitol i Stockholm, har fortfarande möjlighet att knipa en av de sista platserna! OBS!! ANMÄLAN GÖRS TILL:

Filmen hade premiär på biograferna i maj 1970 mitt i tumultet av The Beatles upplösning som grupp. Nu äntligen intar Let It Be sin rättmätiga plats i gruppens historia. För 50 år sedan var linsen väldigt mörk, men har nu restaurerats med hjälp av modern teknik. Let It Be innehåller filmbilder som inte är med i Peter Jacksons film The Beatles: Get Back från 2021. I samband med The Beatles: Get Back-filmen kom det med all tydlighet att fansens nu ville se originalfilmen Let It Be med hjälp av den nya tekniken.


Michael Lindsay-Hogg berättar:
“’Let It Be’ was ready to go in October/November 1969, but it didn’t come out until April 1970. One month before its release, The Beatles officially broke up. And so the people went to see ‘Let It Be’ with sadness in their hearts, thinking, ‘I’ll never see The Beatles together again. I will never have that joy again,’ and it very much darkened the perception of the film. But, in fact, how often do you get to see artists of this stature working together to make what they hear in their heads into songs. And then you get to the roof and you see their excitement, camaraderie and sheer joy in playing together again as a group and know, as we do now, that it was the final time, and we view it with full understanding of who they were and still are and a little poignancy. I was knocked out by what Peter was able to do with ‘Get Back,’using all the footage I’d shot 50 years previously.”

Peter Jackson:
I’m absolutely thrilled that Michael’s movie, ‘Let It Be,’ has been restored and is finally being re-released after being unavailable for decades,” says Peter Jackson. ”I was so lucky to have access to Michael’s outtakes for ’Get Back,’ and I’ve always thought that ‘Let It Be’ is needed to complete the ‘Get Back’ story. Over three parts, we showed Michael and The Beatles filming a groundbreaking new documentary, and ‘Let It Be’ is that documentary – the movie they released in 1970. I now think of it all as one epic story, finally completed after five decades. The two projects support and enhance each other: ‘Let It Be’ is the climax of ‘Get Back,’ while ‘Get Back’ provides a vital missing context for ‘Let It Be.’ Michael Lindsay-Hogg was unfailingly helpful and gracious while I made ‘Get Back,’ and it’s only right that his original movie has the last word…looking and sounding far better than it did in 1970.


Nedan kan du ta del av den officiella trailern till Let It Be. Speltid : 1 minut och 33 sekunder.